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Why become a falconer?

We’re a fun, creative and curious bunch of people who are super excited about bringing tech and companies closer for a better tomorrow. We offer flexible, purposeful and autonomous opportunities that suit your lifestyle. Sounds right up your alley? Find your place at Falcon now.

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    You do you because we’ve got you covered

    We love seeing you thrive, so while you aim for the stars, we make sure we’re always there to have your back. As cheesy as it sounds, the ride is better when you’re surrounded by people who care about you and are ready to invest in your ideas and needs. We’re committed to maintaining an empowering and nurturing work environment where each falconer feels valued and motivated to grow.

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    We celebrate every victory

    We know how much work goes into every task, so why not acknowledge even the smaller wins while en route to the big finish? We love what we do, but we also need some fun to keep us in high spirits, so such achievements make for the best excuse to unwind and bond with other falconers.

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    We’re restless learners

    What can you expect as part of a team that never settles? You will constantly be encouraged to broaden your horizons and experiment with new things. Did you come across a state-of-the-art technology and are ready to dive right into it? Or perhaps just discovered a high-potential speciality that requires a bit more expertise? Rest assured you’ll be supported throughout the entire learning process. What’s more, we also encourage falconers to take part in soft skill training sessions, which we believe are equally important.

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How's life at Falcon?

  • Andrei

    Working at Falcon has been a truly enriching experience, particularly because it offers me the opportunity to constantly expand my knowledge. What stands out the most to me is the multicultural and unique perspectives our clients bring to the projects. They come from all sorts of industries and parts of the world, which allows me to gain valuable insights and viewpoints that I would not otherwise ...

  • Bogdan

    The culture revolves around career growth and you’re always encouraged to challenge yourself to widen your horizons. Falcon offers a remarkably welcoming, nurturing, and friendly work environment which made my professional journey even more meaningful. To all those who are just kickstarting their careers as programmers, I hope you’ll join us and enjoy the many opportunities that will enable you to...

  • Petronela

    In my role, each day presents a new challenge and learning opportunity. I enjoy the problem-solving steps of every project and the practical applications of what I’ve learned over the years in the field of Microsoft Dynamics. Falcon is a nice place to work, it is built upon a truly people-oriented culture where you’re part of a team that’s focused on helping our clients and employees prosper. All ...

  • Maria

    I’ve been with Falcon for almost 5 years now and it’s been a really rewarding experience. The exposure I got while working with different clients boosted my industry knowledge and commercial awareness. I appreciate the camaraderie in the office between all levels of employees and the flexibility of the job, which enabled me to grow professionally and personally. I am currently working on 2 project...

  • Adrian

    What I enjoy most about my role are the technical challenges and the variety of work, which is exactly why I particularly liked completing a recent project on the latest version of Dynamics. I faced a few difficulties with the new development environment and the way of work that came with this update and I also had the chance to design and build a new framework for the product that was upgraded to...

  • Ana-Georgiana

    I first heard about Falcon during the second semester of my final year in the ERP module. The professor announced that the company will open a student society and there will be an opportunity to join them as full-time employee at the end. In order to become a member, I was required to get a high mark in a certain exam. Considering that I was about to graduate, I decided to give it a shot and lucki...

  • Estera

    I graduated with a Business Informatics degree from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration back in 2017. From the beginning of my studies, I’ve always wanted to learn how to code and found programming languages intriguing. By the time my final year came by, I was still undecided on what technology to choose. In the last semester, we covered Axapta, which I really enjoyed. After prese...

  • Ana

    Falcon strives for a team-oriented, open-minded culture, that provides support and education to grow in your area of interest and fosters a sense of belonging which all combined, enable us to reach a high level of success. Of the many things I cherish about working here, I specifically value the relationships we form with our clients, which usually lead to long-term collaborations and the sense of...

  • Georgiana

    Every day working here is full of learning opportunities and with the support, I get from my peers with both professional and personal development, the job becomes a very enjoyable experience. Falcon fosters a relaxed, yet exuberant environment that promotes freedom and flexibility. Programming is my passion and I get to work on lots of engaging projects. My favorite is the one I’ve been working o...

  • Cosmin

    I am in my final year of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and came here on a scholarship to train for my future career. Although I have already published my very first fantasy novel and creativity plays a big role in my life, I’m equally passionate about the digital world. I came across ERP when I started learning more abo...

  • Alina

    I’m currently in my final year of pursuing a degree in Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. I first found out about Falcon from my sister, but the one who introduced me to the company's internship opportunities and convinced me to take the leap was my professor. At first, I was pretty concerned about how I will be able to balance uni and work life, but taki...

  • Vasile

    I truly value working in an environment where I can focus on the future and the innovations that bring us further. Being involved in the adoption of new technologies for Falcon has been a particularly engaging part of my role. I believe the culture we’ve built so far is what sets us apart from other organizations and successfully challenges the efficiency-oriented corporate way. It embraces flexib...

  • Mihai

    You could say our culture is more on the peculiar side - we’re like a bunch of professionals, but with a childish twist, sometimes more the other way around. What makes working here really fulfilling are the exciting projects with a great focus on innovation and the freedom you get to do things as you envision them. It is true that Falcon might not be for everyone. Considering our less conformativ...

  • Alexandra

    After high school, I was undecided regarding what I wanted my career to be. I tried art school for one year, but along the way, realized that I would be more fulfilled in a technical field. So, for my undergraduate studies, I chose to pursue a computer science degree. The modules on algorithms and problem solving were really enjoyable, but my one true love ended up being artificial intelligence, a...

  • Constantin

    It's quite hard to get bored in our line of work since we get to learn and experiment with new things daily - and that's what I like most about what I do. For example, I recently had the chance to build an app from scratch using a new tech stack, which was particularly interesting and exciting for me, but what gave me the most joy was seeing people actually use it at their workplace and how much v...

  • Claudia

    The flexibility you enjoy at Falcon is definitely unmatched. What motivates me the most and makes my work meaningful are the client’s feedback and the amazing relationships I can build with them. I enjoy being helpful and this makes me feel even more valued.

  • Cristian

    Working at Falcon has been a pleasant experience from many points of view. I appreciate the flexible working hours, the informal environment nurtured by easy-to-approach department leaders, and the fun and dynamic atmosphere at the office. We enjoy pushing ourselves to the limit, so we constantly encourage each other to discover and work with cutting-edge technologies. One of the projects I found ...

  • Adelin

    Upon graduating from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering, I already knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the IT industry, but considering that the field has many areas of expertise, I wasn’t sure which one was the most suitable for me. After applying to several jobs, I received an offer to join Falcon’s web development department. This being my first job, I was both excit...

  • Iulia

    My journey at Falcon started timidly while I was a student. Out of pure curiosity and maybe the motivation of every young person at the beginning of their career to learn as much as possible from knowledgeable people, I decided to join the “Big Data” workshop. That is when I had the pleasure of meeting two of my current co-workers. As the weeks passed and the end of the course was approaching, I r...

  • Adrian

    Although I graduated from a high school with a computer science background, I ended up studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Energetics, and Applied Informatics. Over time, I felt like it was less and less suitable for me, so I decided to look somewhere else. I heard about Falcon from a friend and considering that their area of expertise fits in right with what the market is seeking a...



Internships & Scolarships

Our scholarships seek to encourage students to explore and assimilate technologies. It is a great way for undergraduates to experience a dynamic work environment and the professional world, plus learn what it means to be a programmer. This enables them to determine whether this career path fits them. It is not meant to constrain students to join Falcon upon graduation - it is strictly an opportunity to get a feel for work life at Falcon.

The internships are designed so that both Falcon and the intern can evaluate our compatibility and see how a possible collaboration could evolve from there. It also aims to show how good of a match we are from a technical point of view. This creates the right context to gain a more insightful perspective on how we do things behind the curtains and how one could integrate into the team.

We do not require any experience for these opportunities. As long as you’re a responsible individual willing to get out of your comfort zone to learn about and explore the tech world, buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

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Want to contribute to something bigger and help reenvision how businesses operate?

You’re in luck! We’re looking for enthusiastic and proactive people to join our mission - to make ideas come alive through purposeful and carefully crafted digital products. Enjoy a career in a fast-growing and ambitious work environment that bolsters your potential exponentially. Find where you fit in below and become a part of our amazing team now!

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    Fill in the application form on our website or apply with LinkedIn for the role that suits you best. You can then expect to hear from our HR colleague in the next 2 weeks. Alternatively, if none of the existing job posts fit you, you can find a questionnaire at the end of our Careers page where you can tell us more about your skillset and why we could be a match.

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    HR Screening

    You will be invited to a short exploratory chat (around 20 minutes) with our HR colleague when you will learn more about what Falcon is all about, the role and the following steps of the selection process. The main purpose of this meeting is to explore how well we align with each other.

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    In-person discussion

    If you successfully pass the previous stage, within 1 week from the HR screening call, you will be contacted to book a face-to-face meeting (around 1 hour) in our cosy “office nest”. This is when you will gain a better understanding of our culture and what it means to be a falconer, while we explore how you fit in with our values and goals on a deeper level. For those roles that require a bit more attention and a higher level of expertise, the applicant can be invited to a second interview.

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    Our HR falconer will get in touch with you in the next 2 weeks following the last interview to provide feedback and inform you of our final decision regarding your application.



No suitable roles available?

We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic and perseverant individuals to join our growing team. Are you a student seeking to level up your skills? Or a professional searching for your next adventure? Register your interest and let’s explore how we can build digital products that matter together!

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