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Growteq is an information technology company located in The Netherlands specialising in the area of CRM, Process Optimization and Business Intelligence. They translate data into usable insights and ensure processes become more efficient and user-friendly. The company helps organisations to grow through the use of technology. It also develops interactive and practical dashboard and analysis solutions.

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One of Growteq’s clients is a sustainable collective heating systems (“SCHS”) provider that supplies central heating, cooling and tap water to residential and commercial customers. They are a market leader in the Netherlands with a proven track record of capturing the market opportunity and building a scalable platform. The energy supplier is optimally positioned to benefit from current energy market trends in Europe, focused on the need for environmentally friendly generation from sustainable sources.

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Growteq provides support to their client for most of their infrastructure and software development. The energy supplier has to deal with a large and growing customer base and therefore turned to Growteq primarily for their business intelligence services. They also required an internal portal to enable employees to keep track of all operations, but Growteq didn’t have the necessary capabilities to support their old platform. Therefore, Growteq started looking for a software development company to fill in the gap and that’s where we come in.

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The energy company already had a web application built on the .NET framework that was slowly becoming outdated. To be more precise, they were using a .NET framework that was out of support since January 2016, the user couldn’t receive real-time notifications, the website was only available in dutch and the dashboard wasn’t customizable. So they decided to add new functionalities and bring them to a more performant platform. The goal was to, on one hand, have a highly efficient application that could host millions of records and a rapidly growing database and on the other hand, revamp the entire design to fit their brand identity.

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We rebuilt their website and now offer the necessary technical support and upgrades to what we’ve already developed for them. Click below to find out find out how we came up with a solution and how we approached each challenge.

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