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  • Dynamics 365
  • AI&ML

We work on the following versions: D365 Finance and Operations, D365 Business Central and we also support previous versions, such as Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics AX 2009, Dynamics AX 4.0, and Dynamics NAV starting with the 2013 version.

Get a team of experienced developers with vast expertise that covers a variety of tasks

Get a team of experienced graphic designers with profound expertise that covers a variety of tasks

Get a team of experienced developers with vast expertise that covers a variety of tasks


We provide custom end-to-end Dynamics technical implementation, covering the following: requirements analysis, GAP design, development effort estimation, development & unit testing and support testing & bug fixing. Our métier and what we do day in and day out is the development of custom processes based on client requirements. We essentially add new functionalities, customizations and augmentations to the existing standard capabilities. What’s more, your Dynamics environment is tailored to the solution to your specific needs.


You can enjoy a large variety of external applications that can be integrated with your Dynamics system: EDI platforms, bank payment systems, payroll & HR applications, project timesheets applications, CRM & SFA applications, Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Azure DevOps and internal legacy systems.

Dynamics system upgrade

Looking to upgrade your system to the latest D365 version? You're in luck with us! We upgrade three main components: functional, technical for existing integrations and data to keep your existing database. Our expertise covers upgrades from AX2012 to D365 FO, AX2009 to AX2012 and NAV to Business Central.

Data migration

For new implementations, like new D365 projects or migrating from an old Dynamics version, we support data extraction, validation and migration from legacy systems.

Maintenance and support

We ensure the necessary maintenance and support for the core, enhanced and customized solution to put your mind at ease, including everyday operational support to end-users.

Power platform implementation

Automating business processes, analizing data and developing complex business solutions are all challenging parts of running an organization. Therefore, because we want to see you step up the game, we are committed to helping you extend your Dynamics system with Power platform capabilties, such as Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate.

CMS website

Our experts can build efficient content-driven websites, regardless of their size. Over time, we developed an in-house CMS system, based on Lavarel, that we find most suitable for clients looking for highly dynamic websites with lots of flexibility on the content editing part. For those requiring simpler websites, we also deliver impressive products using Wordpress.

E-commerce website

Our custom Falcon CMS comes with an e-commerce solution that can be included and customized to fit your business requirements/demands precisely. In need of a personalized shipping solution with custom tracking? Consider it done. Or maybe a resource planning tool for your products? Your ideas are in great company, we can take care of it right away.

Mobile app

We develop mobile apps from scratch using hybrid technologies that allow us to adapt them from the web-based form to multiple other platforms, such as iOS and Android. Some of the frameworks we use are Ionic, React Native and Flutter.

Custom software

We believe software is one of the best ways to address business needs. It is an amazing tool to use to add value to your company. That’s why, over the years, we have developed a large knowledge portfolio with a diverse technology stack: PHP (Laravel, Wordpress), C# (.NET Core), Python, Javascript (React, Angular, Vue, Inertia.js, Ionic, ReactNative), Node.js (Next.js), MySQL, MSSQL, Firebase, Docker and cloud-based app deployment (Azure, DigitalOcean).


We breathe new life into the brand. We design unique and bespoke illustrations that complement your brand identity and set you apart from the competition.

Graphic design

Our graphic services span the entire visual identity package: logo, icons, business stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, badges), booklets, menus for the hospitality industry etc.

UI/UX & Web design

A modern design, accessibility and functionality are key aspects that enhance your brand image. We create high-quality web and mobile designs catered to your business objectives and the end-user’s needs. An aesthetic, user-friendly and intuitive interface (UI) provides customers with a superior platform experience (UX). Thus, you will stand out from competitors and set your business on an upward trend.

Photography and videography

We conceptualise and produce captivating commercials and viral videos that will clearly and effectively communicate your brand message. We also make your business come alive through high-quality product photos.

Brand identity

Your brand identity should be showcased on all online channels and beyond, so we ensure that it is easily recognisable at every touch point. When talking about brands, we refer to a standard and consistency across platforms. Therefore, we prepare a brand style guide, so you’re ready to level up your business even after our collaboration ends.


Each animation is carefully crafted, paying close attention to every one of your requirements. Our offering includes: an original script, narrator, HD video quality, company logo added to the video, background and sound effects.

Computer Vision

We know our way around using spatial visual information to do a series of tasks related to interpreting and understanding the data; this ranges from detection to identification and recognition, as well as video motion analysis.

(NLP) Natural Language Processing

Our experience with NLP tasks is vast, spanning text labelling and named entity recognition to sentiment analysis and summarization. We feel very comfortable building all sorts of models associated with NLP requirements.

Time series

If you are in search of data forecasting solutions, be it in the field of economics, healthcare, retail, social studies, finance or any other with heavy historical data, we’re confident we can build highly accurate and efficient systems to address your needs. Is your data season-dependent or perhaps a bit disorganised? We’re ready to take up the challenge and deliver top-notch software.

Big data analysis

Our big data expertise spans a series of processes. We have the necessary experience to create data pipelines, be it on-premise or in the cloud, for a range of tasks, such as to pre-process, filter and augment data, as well as numerous other on-scale operations that prepare the existing input. Furthermore, we’ve also mastered anomaly detection and general exploratory tasks in search of automatization.


Some of the tools we’ve picked up over time include: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Pandas, Prophet, Weights & Biases

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    of our favourite projects.

    Tester Grup Case Study

    Over the course of almost 28 years, Tester Grup has proven to be a strong market leader, constantly expanding their product portfolio with new divisions, often contrary to market trends. They required a website to unify all of their sub-brands under one umbrella.

  • Programmer

    Flick through some
    of our favourite projects.

    Growteq Case Study

    Growteq is an information technology company located in The Netherlands, specialising in CRM, Process Optimization and Business Intelligence. The final goal was to build a highly efficient application as well as, revamp the entire design to fit the desired brand identity.

  • Programmer

    Flick through some
    of our favourite projects.

    To-Increase Case Study

    To-Increase is a global SaaS provider that offers ISV solutions across multiple Microsoft D365 business applications, excelling at innovation over the years. Our collaboration is ongoing and thus far, we have been able to build and upgrade together various D365-based solutions.


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