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To-Increase is a global SaaS provider that offers ISV solutions across multiple Microsoft D365 business applications, excelling at innovation over the years. With a product portfolio that consists of multiple top-level solutions, To-Increase enables its customers to take their business to the next level in terms of productivity, security, connectivity etc.

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One area To-Increase focuses on is Master Data Management in Microsoft D365 Finance & Operations. Theyʼve come up with a suite that consists of 4 ISV products: Data Entry Workflow, Data Quality Studio, Dynamic Field Security and Master Data Management (BIS). When our collaboration with To-Increase started, two of the products listed above were already developed and available for customers to use. We began working on the remainder, starting with the Data Entry Workflow. For this particular product, the challenge was to build a product that would enable users to define or edit their master data (customers, vendorsʼ products etc.) in a completely different manner compared to standard D365 F&O.

Another area To-Increase is working on is Security Management in Microsoft D365 F&O. As weʼre living in a constantly changing world, various challenges are coming to light all the time, such as changes to the regulatory requirements (GDPR), trend-driven business behaviour changes, an increase in regulatory inquiries, etc.

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In order to address some of these issues , To-Increase implemented a Security and Compliance Studio solution that is covering the following areas: Security development, D365FO licensing maintenance, IT Audit and User management. At first, they developed the solution on AX2012 and it handled the security development part. The challenge was to move and redesign the product on D365 F&O where the security and the license frameworks are completely different compared to the older version.

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the solution


To contend with the functional requirements related to the first issue, we worked closely with To-Increaseʼs consultants to develop a solution that has 3 main components: Design, Operation and Monitoring. The second obstacle was overcome through a reworked, improved and more reliable solution that is compliant with D365 F&O and covers all the needs.

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