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Growteq is an information technology company located in The Netherlands, specializing in the areas of CRM, Process Optimization, and Business Intelligence. They excel in translating data into usable insights and ensuring processes become more efficient and user-friendly. The company's primary focus is to help organizations grow through the effective utilization of technology. Additionally, Growteq develops interactive and practical dashboard and analysis solutions.

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One of Growteq's clients is a sustainable collective heating systems (SCHS) provider that supplies central heating, cooling, and tap water to residential and commercial customers. They are a market leader in the Netherlands, with a proven track record of seizing the market opportunity and establishing a scalable platform. The energy supplier is strategically positioned to capitalize on the current energy market trends in Europe, which emphasize the demand for environmentally friendly generation from sustainable sources.


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Growteq provides support to its client for the majority of their infrastructure and software development needs. The energy supplier faces the challenge of managing a sizable and expanding customer base, leading them to turn to Growteq primarily for their business intelligence services. Additionally, they sought an internal portal to facilitate operations tracking for their employees. However, Growteq lacked the capabilities to support their existing platform. Consequently, Growteq began searching for a software development company to bridge this gap, and that is where we entered the picture.

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The energy company had an existing web application built on an outdated .NET framework. Specifically, they were using a .NET framework that had been out of support since January 2016. The application had several limitations, including the inability to receive real-time notifications, availability only in Dutch, and a non-customizable dashboard. To address these issues, the company decided to enhance the application by adding new functionalities and migrating it to a more performant platform. The primary goals were to create a highly efficient application capable of handling millions of records and a rapidly growing database, as well as to completely redesign the user interface to align with their brand identity.


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the solution


We have successfully rebuilt their website and now provide the essential technical support and upgrades for the solutions we developed for them. Click below to learn more about how we devised the solution and our approach to tackling each challenge.



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