Back in April, we had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring a truly riveting event organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Iasi and Rubik Hub.

It was targeted at Business Informatics students who were seeking to learn more about entrepreneurship in the tech world, with all the challenges associated with it. Over the course of 3 days, the participants enjoyed a wide array of activities that propelled them to come up with detailed business plans, all with the help and unlimited support from an amazing team of mentors and trainers in the field.

They received valuable insights and feedback on their ideas, explored co-founding opportunities with like-minded people, polished their teamwork skills, and perhaps most importantly, built a prototype and interacted with possible users. The competition culminated with a pitch delivery from each team in front of a panel of experts. The winners received stationery and other personalized items, as well as additional mentoring.

For most students, Tech Ideas was an introductory touchpoint with the local business environment and their first time as part of a startup-accelerator-like event, which made the experience even more meaningful and exciting. Some of us enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the organizers and participants and were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and passion we were met with. We had the chance to exchange intriguing ideas, charge our batteries up with their energy, and even interview a few brave individuals - their answers can be found at the end.

Although we were impressed by everyone's ingenuity, a few teams piqued our interest a bit more than the rest. During a break, we met Alex, a member of the "Cloșca și puii" team, who was happy to chit-chat with us about the event and his project. Their app aimed to help people develop and improve their public speaking skills, as well as to defeat stage fright and be less camera shy. The final goal was to equip the next generation of influencers and webinar hosts with the necessary confidence and skills. What really intrigued us was their approach - gamification. As this method of learning gains momentum, we notice more tech businesses adopting this style: they propose a challenge, help the user overcome it, and provide gratification at the end.


Besides the project, Alex's passion and enthusiasm truly caught our attention. From the spark in his eyes when talking about what the event means to him to his involvement throughout the workshops, he reiterated how much such initiatives bring to the table for students. Tech Ideas also granted him the right context to polish his critical thinking. Being surrounded by several mentors also means receiving all sorts of points of view and feedback, sometimes contradictory ones. This pushed him to use his reasoning and commercial knowledge to cherry-pick the most appropriate ideas for his team's business plan.

As we're spending more time at home than before, interior design is becoming increasingly important. Team "Optimo" aimed to fill in a gap in the market that many of us could benefit from. Their app was intended to offer a cost-effective, space-optimizing, and harmonious design for dwellings of all sizes. The user has to fill in a questionnaire with their expectations and style preferences, as well as their place's measurements, and based on that, the app will generate a personalized design in line with their needs. The girls behind the idea showed flexibility and resilience as they were required to adjust the initial concept upon several discussions with some mentors, along with other important aspects such as the target market, but never backed down. As the competition progressed, they were able to grow as individuals while getting a taste of real-life and all the obstacles that come with entrepreneurship.

"Connect" is another intriguing project based on a very straightforward yet effective idea that tries to address some COVID-19 repercussions, most notably social isolation. The team wants to encourage individuals to get out of their comfort zones and take up more opportunities. The app brings together all public events (e.g., a concert or play) and private gatherings (e.g., a dinner party hosted by a stranger who's looking to meet new people) into one place, facilitating the process of finding companions and overcoming loneliness. Therefore, you could say the end goal is to enable others to integrate easier into social groups, leading to an improved quality of life.

We can conclude that Tech Ideas was a great success - after more than 2 years of online classes, it offered students the opportunity to bond with their peers, build meaningful connections, gain valuable practical knowledge, and shape their business ideas, which could become the next big thing one day. We are grateful to have taken part in this event and hope it laid important groundwork for the future careers of the participants.



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